About Animal Comfort

Our mission is to help pet owners who need to be away from their homes in looking after the essential needs of their animals

We cover the needs of pet sitting in the major cities of Montreal, Laval, and Montérégie!
*Please contact us to ensure that your area is covered by our services.

An emergency pet first aid course will be provided to all employees before starting solo home pet sitting.

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Confort Animalier Inc. helps pet owners who need to be away from their homes in taking care of their animals' essential needs.

Without disrupting their environment, allowing owners to be reassured that their animals remain safe, in the hands of responsible, caring, and trustworthy individuals.

Unlike other pet boarding facilities, Animal Comfort offers a personalized service that prioritizes the stability and safety needs of the animals. This approach reduces travel concerns and the risks of losses and mix-ups in care and belongings.

We assure clients about animal safety as well as home security while maintaining a high standard of provided services.


  • Promote animal well-being
  • Ensure home and animal security
  • Reassure owners

Project History

First and foremost, the company aims to address a gap in society that has become a necessity.

These small creatures that serve as our pets have become family members. The era when dogs were tied outside in a kennel exposed to cold or extreme heat is gone. We are in an era where they are pampered in the comfort of our homes.

Currently, there are two other types of services available that are similar to our concept: boarding facilities that keep cats or dogs in cages indoors, or taking them to cat and dog hotels where they can stay among their own species.

But what about those who are not sociable? What about those who fear cages? What about those who don't have the budget for luxury hotels? What about those who have special animal species for which there are no care services available? (E.g., a saltwater fish tank, ferrets, hamsters, etc.) Animal Comfort Inc. will help fill a gap in society since our service encompasses more than just cats and dogs, with the goal of being affordable for pet owners.

The service includes the following domestic animals: Dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and fish.

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